He learned to blow raspberries and he hasn’t stopped! #wtemay2013

Lied Lodge/Arbor Day Farm - Nebraska City, NE

Wichitan’s pay attention! I have had the absolute pleasure spending the last two days at his beautiful lodge. Only 4 hours north of Wichita, Lied Lodge hosts the most beautiful scenery and a massive variety of things to do for people of all ages!

I started my day with a delicious breakfast buffet at the lodge followed by a tour. After lunch at the Pie Garden Cafe, we took a canopy tree discovery ride. This tractor tour took us right through a beautiful forest of trees and ended with an apple picking.

We were served the most incredible dinner at the Historic Morton Barns, and we’re joined by Kathy McKillip of the Nebraska Tourism Commission who hosted our tour. From premium aged Ribeye steak, to a truffle glazed lamb rib, the food served at the lodge is nothing short of spectacular!

I highly recommend the Lied Lodge for families. For more information, visit www.liedlodge.org

Sunrise in the Kansas Flint Hills #sunrise #kansas #flinthills

Little E broke out in hives. At the ER. My daughter had food allergies. Praying he doesn’t. #hives #wtemay2013

A fine looking baby I am yes? #yoda #baby #wtemay2013

This photo is no longer accurate!! #spiders

Get along little doggie! #wtemay2013

Ethan almost fits in this giant #Babolat shoe! #golfwarehouse (at The Golf Warehouse)

Black widow eating a wolf spider on my front porch. #blackwidow #spider

Talkin to grandpa #wtemay2013